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Thanks for visiting the official page for WLF Hair Care Academy. This platform offers a unique journey through hair care from a stylist perspective to the public with education, engaging video content and product knowledge.

We offer a program that allows you the opportunity to learn "your" hair and what your tresses need. We teach you how to turn hair care into a lifestyle!


Start learning TODAY!


Why they love the academy!

“I'm so grateful for this academy. I was hair illiterate. I have so much knowledge now and i've learned how to style my natural hair. I couldn't do that before!” K. Kidd

The Academy

If  you already know what your hair needs, you enjoy watching the many YouTubers who can ONLY give you advice based on their experiences and not facts, then THIS probably isn't the academy for you. However, if you want proven, factual information based on research and professional industry expertise, Then this IS the place for YOU!

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