One Shampoo Just Won't Do!

Yep! That's right! Having one or maybe two shampoo's and conditioners in your arsenal will not cut it, especially if you want a healthy head of hair.

Most of us focus on these three things when looking for a shampoo:

  1. Moisture

  2. Dandruff or dry scalp

  3. Color treated hair

While these are important facts to be concerned about, are they enough to keep your hair and scalp healthy? No, it is not. Your hair and scalp has other needs that many of you overlook in your hair care regimen. Your hair needs balance. A balance of four things that will guarantee you a healthy head of hair.

Most naturlista's only refer to moisture when it comes to maintaining their tresses. As a hairstylist, I hear the same complaint all of the time, "my hair sucks up everything I put in it and it's STILL dry"! I have the same answer for all of them. "Moisture isn't your problem. It's hydration"! "You need hydration". Moisture is topical. It isn't going deep enough to solve the problem. Hydration penetrates past the hair-shaft into the cuticle layer, while moisture simply lays on top. Hence the reason why the hair is always dry.

These cases are found in people with high porosity or low porosity.

The next thing that your hair and scalp needs is, detoxification. That's right! Your hair needs it just as much as your body, if not more. The elements, products and medicinal build-up along with poor eating all need to be extracted from your hair and scalp. This is done by detoxing. Detoxifying should be done once a month. You can achieve this by using a detox shampoo like BASiC hair cares "Carbon Tea-Tree Shampoo or a Bentonite Clay Mask.

Bentonite clay detoxes, moisturizes, softens, de-tangles and adds shine to the hair. It acts as a conditioner. You can purchase it here on my website.

It is just as important to detox your gut as well. Gut health is crucial to hair growth. Poor gut health can result in brittle/dry hair which causes breakage and hair loss. It can also hinder the follicle reproduction by slowing down hair growth or stunting hair growth all together. An internal body detox will rid the vital organs all of the toxins that can be stored up unbeknownst to you. Therefore, detoxing should be apart of your regular regimen.

To learn more about what your hair needs, subscribe to our email. Remember, you need more than one or two shampoo's and conditioners. Your hair needs balance!

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